Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Checking in, briefly.

It's still very much (goddamn) winter here. It's sunny, so that's nice, but it's been really freaking cold lately (-20C at night ffs!!).

The last few weeks of winter can be hard to take.

click to embiggen. or not.

So although I've got my kitchen table writing space back, I haven't quite regained the headspace, so to speak, that I need to write about "heartled wildcrafting, gardening and medicine making". When the world is one big glacier, writing and thinking about green things can set off some downright painful longings!

I'll probably be back at it when the river ice breaks up and the geese start to come back. Late April, maybe? We'll see. I'll still check comments and answer emails, of course. And those of you who follow my other blog might see me there once in a while.

Later, gang!


  1. Well it isn't -20c but it is not Spring either in VA. WTH! It is enough to drive a person mad. Is there an herbal remedy for that!😉