Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bush etiquette

By request ..

Whether you've moved to the country or you're just visiting, there are do's and don't's surrounding how to get the best out of a ramble. I spent my childhood in rural areas, then spent the next 30-some years in cities. When we moved out here to the wilderness - it really is wilderness as soon as you set foot outside this village - there were some things I remembered, but there was a lot I had to re-learn about the vulnerabilities humans face in what we Canadians call 'the bush'.

This isn't the city, nor it is a National Park designed for humans' recreational enjoyment in a quasi-wilderness environment. It's a land unto itself, it's the land, and it's bigger than you might think. It's gorgeous but it doesn't suffer fools gladly!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Susun Weed does stand-up comedy

This is part one of a series of videos of her talk at the 2016 Transformation Conference. Susun Weed is one of the grand old dames of 'herbal medicine as people's medicine'; someone I respect greatly for her wisdom and in this case, her wry sense of humour.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Beauty in the garden - the best argument against using store bought herbal medicine

(This post is just an excuse to put up some pictures. Click to embiggen and let yourself dream. There will be links for more info on the medicinal uses of each plant at the end of the post.)

My St. J patch, nestled in with its friend
the ornamental willow.