Monday, 12 June 2017

Where I'm at these days.

I'm still not in the mood for serious picture-taking, method-describing posts these days, but I am still writing.

Much of what I'm writing about is plant related, it's just less about the how-to and more about the why, so I think it more appropriate that they're posted over on my other, kinda free form blog. When I write about plants there, I (usually remember to) post a notification on the top right of the side bar on this blog, so you can click on over and read them. Today's post about flower essences is educational enough for this blog, I suppose, but maybe a little 'woo' ..?

When I describe that blog as free-form, I mean it's a place for me to write about anything and everything that might matter to me, but isn't mainstream, so it's not much discussed in other places on the interwebz. Like the kind of true awareness of nature I believe most people could cultivate if they could just get their beliefs about nature out of the way; or about the changes to our perspective that come from using the gifts from the Creator that land at our feet like wind-blown twigs.

There's a few creatively profanity-laced rants there, too, like the one about the pharmacist where I use tarot cards to illustrate my point, and there's some hair raising music.

But if pow wow rock freaks you out, or you think reading about the wrestling between my pagan vs Christian sides over what to call the Divine would make you queasy, then falling into a state of grace is not for you!

Or is it?

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