Thursday, 8 December 2016

A course in every day miracles

(or, how to get the most out of my ramblings)

Judging by the stats for this blog (if you can believe them) and the emails from readers, we seem to have a few newcomers here.

That's led me to look through older posts on the blog with an eye to what has already been covered, and then back to the stats to see if those posts are being read. They're not, they're buried. So from time to time I think I'll link you back to them. For some of you this will be review, but if there is one thing I have learned it is that review is essential. I still do it, especially in winter, and even though as I read my old text books I can practically recite certain passages by heart, something I have forgotten or perhaps never quite absorbed will pop out at me.

One thing my readers know about my writing is that I tend to go off on tangents. They're useful things, those tangents, so I want you to pay attention to them. But sometimes they lead me astray and there are blanks in the posts that shouldn't be there.

So, some of the old posts will be reworked, have addendums (addenda?) and/or more tidbits of information in the comments. Please, read the comments and especially, I implore you to ask your questions there! No matter how old the post is, I see the comments and answer them. If I can figure out how, I'll add a widget on the sidebar to notify the readers of where a new comment has come up. (I'm not promising that will happen, because I hate messing about with the inner workings of the blog, but I will try.) (Added - done, thank you Barney.)

Now, I absolutely understand that there might be a personal aspect to your questions that you don't want to share, so naturally you would prefer to email me. That is, of course, fine, I encourage it. But it very well might be the case that someone else might find the information you seek to be useful to them, too. So, here's what I want you to do - ask a generic version of your question in the comment section, and email me with the details. That way I can address the issue where others can see it, and discuss the more intimate details with you in private.

You know, I get frustrated with this blog and try to give up on it on a semi-regular basis. When I do there's a bit of a hue and cry in the background as my regular readers push me to keep at it. (sigh) The thing is, this blog will only do what it is supposed to do if there is feedback in the blog itself. I am not here to lecture, I'm here to facilitate learning, there is a difference. It may (or may not) surprise you to know that there's a sizeable group of you now, and that you could be learning from each other's experiences IF you would only reveal yourselves in the comment section, people!

Sorry, didn't mean to scold.

Oh wait, yes I did.

The goings on in the comment section of that recent post about St John'swort oil, topically is exactly what I want here, people sharing their experiences, so go see. We have to share the success stories with each other.

And hey, join in if you have a story of what didn't work, or if you had a bad reaction to an herb, etc etc. Or even if, (like me with the heart's ease,) you end up taking 'too much' of something, and how that played out, good or bad. Put it anywhere, hijack a thread if you must. Just speak up, 'k?

Which leads me to the sometimes thorny issue of the two blogs. Because my heart's ease stories are over at the blog where all the "woo" posts end up., you might have missed them. And if you're really getting into the herbal journey, that's a shame. So I am going to go out on a limb here and say if you find this corner of the internet useful to you, then you're going to find it even more useful to read both my blogs.

I've spent long enough trying to pretend, to the more casual readers, that spirit can be separated from the healing journey. I didn't want to scare folks off. Well .. fuck that. If you can't hack mentions of words like spirit, God, or miracles, then you shouldn't be reading me at all. Run along.

Miracles happen all the time. What seems like a small thing to one person is so life changing to another that it IS a miracle to them and I am not going to let anyone tell them otherwise. I want to get my readers into the habit of expecting the miraculous on an every day basis. Here on the garbling blog we'll keep talking about the how-to of plant medicine and there on Falling Into Grace we can talk about the deeper issues, the background, the heart-led life that is essential to real change within. But it is all so intricately interwoven, you can't have one without the other, not really.

So there we are. You have your assignments, don't let me - or each other - down. Let's turn this into something a lot more people can use.


  1. Let's see what happens! For me, your blogs are a blessing in oh so many ways. I pray others will benefit as I have! (;-)

    1. Thanks Linda, and thanks for always chiming in.

  2. I used to get a bit perturbed by lack of comments as well, especially when a post was getting reads hundreds of times. I have kind of figured out that about 90+% of readers never leave a comment. I will admit that I frequently Google for something and land on the blog of someone I do not know, read their stuff a bit, and never return. There are only a few blogs I now read with any regularity, and even fewer that I comment on. Some blogs have very quirky comment sections, some require an email address before commenting, and others have either hundreds of comments or none. While it's fun entertaining loads of comments on a post, and makes you feel like you are really getting somewhere, I think it's the long-term that matters with blogs like this.

    The top blog post on any blog gets read by "reg'lars" but then quickly buried and forgotten. However, people will still see these old posts when they are Googling around for a certain piece of info. At VeggiePharm, by a huge margin, the most popular search term that lands people at my blog is "potato diet." Very few are searching for resistant starch or gut health, etc. But sometimes I have to laugh at what brought someone to my blog. For instance, the stats today show the following search terms:

    c diff horror stories

    all potato diet results

    can i eat ore ida fries on potato hack

    is popcorn resistant starch?


    potato hack

    potatoe diet

    raw potato juice resistant starch

    rules for the potato diet

    It makes me happy to see people searching these terms and finding me...and not a single comment was left behind. I think we have to look at it like we are writing a never ending research paper, one that people are free to search and read bits and pieces of secretly.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. All good points Tim.

      Emails show me my readers could be learning a lot more from each other than they are. I've got a great bunch who are doing all sorts of interesting things with herbs, but they only tell *me* how it all works out, not each other. And as mentioned above, their questions are great learning opportunities too.

      So I will continue to berate them. lol.

      IS popcorn resistant starch?

    2. SO glad you asked him that -- if you hadn't, I was going to.

  3. I couldn't tell the difference between plantain and dandelion when I first started reading your blog. You have taught me so much. It feels as I am reunited with the plant world.
    I am grateful for your patience.

    1. Awww shucks. You know I like a good game of name that weed!

  4. Lookit - we have a new thingamabob! Thanks Barney!

  5. I will comment if I feel I have something to contribute. I won't comment just to see my words in print and take up space. I am happy that you are keeping this blog alive. Maybe the next subject can be on solomon seal. I think I can comment on that 😉!

    1. Solomon's Seal would be your post to write Nav. I have yet to work with it and I only write about what I (kinda) know. Now that we have access to Killoran Forest I can hang out with it and might (might) try some.