Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A musical interlude


I know this blog is supposed to be 'snippets from a wildcrafter's journal', but this wildcrafter doesn't have a lot of time to write a journal when she's in the thick of it.

This is the beginning of the busiest, and therefore sweetest time of year for me.

St John'swort
I don't know of very many people who work with the Medicine Plants who don't do so at a deeply spiritual level. In the interests of keeping 'garbling the dandelion' accessible to the sciencey-atheist type reader, when I am writing here I mostly keep my sense of awe and worship to myself .. but when the Medicine Plants are pouring gifts upon me, that's not easy to do. So for the duration of this season of plenty, I'll be picking up where I left off/going back to where I'm most comfortable/ home to where my heart is (take yer pick) and writing (when I have time!) at my other blog, Falling into Grace . Those of you so inclined are welcome to join me there.

I'll be back here with more garbling stories, how-to's (and maybe how NOT to's) in a bit. In the meantime, please enjoy this musical interlude, a snippet of one of my favourite pieces of music, the Allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony #7 ..

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