Friday, 24 July 2015

Do nettles clear toxins through the scalp?

We've all heard by now about testing strands of hair to get a bead on the levels of heavy metals in the human body, yes?

 "Toxins" - heavy metals, xenoestrogens and other nasties - are sequestered in our fat cells by the body when it can't get them out through the normal means of elimination. That's one reason why rapid weight loss is so dangerous, all that stuff can come flooding back out for the body to deal with all over again. But this time it's the accumulation of a lifetime all at once rather than in daily increments.

Our scalps have sebaceous glands which are fatty in nature .. my guess is that hair growth is one way the body can rid itself of toxins, which is why we see them show up in hair testing.

Perhaps this is explained somewhere and I simply missed the memo.

Stinging nettles are wonderful for cleaning out gunk from the system. I can't explain to you the actual science behind this, but if you ever go on a nettle kick you'll see what I mean. They also make you pee a lot - and poo, too - so the mode of action is fairly obvious there.

Nettles also accelerate the growth of hair. That's one of those lovely positive "side effects" we find so often in the world of real herbal healing. Nettle-eating folks have great hair.

Which begs the question - do nettles help to clear heavy metals out through the fatty sebaceous glands as they stimulate the growth of our hair?

It sounds like an elegant solution to me. And a whole lot safer than some of the methods of chelation therapy people embrace willy nilly.

Thoughts, anyone?

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